1-hr yoga flow

Get a 1 Hour Yoga Practice Now!

A Vin to Yin Style practice to cultivate more Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

  • 1st half / Vinyasa | Vinyasa is more yang, masculine, heat creating.
  • 2nd half / Yin | hold poses for ~3 minutes. Yin is the feminine, cool, slowing down aspect.

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    “I really enjoyed Vivian’s yoga class! The flows she provides are always beginner friendly and the affirmations included in her classes are a major plus. She also introduced me to yin yoga. As a beginner yogi, I really appreciated her instruction of what to expect for the yin portion prior to class. I actually enjoyed the challenge of holding the poses for a longer length of time, giving me a really great stretch. I always feel relaxed and at ease after her classes!”

    Melody N.

    Fairfield, CA

    vivian vo

    Yoga Teacher | Doctor (DPM) | Cat Mom | Human

    500-hr Certified Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about empowering you to have a wellness and self-care practice. I truly believe it starts on the inner work we do on ourselves, using yoga as a way to help us on this journey.

    Known for my nurturing moon circles, all levels friendly yoga sequences, and peaceful meditations.