Did you know you have 5 bodies?

Knowing about your 5 bodies (the 5 Koshas in yoga) allows you to increase your body awareness, your emotional intelligence, & strengthens your inner wisdom.

Learning and incorporating the 5 Koshas into my life helped me strengthen my relationships, live my most authentic life, gave me the courage to set boundaries, ease my depression & anxiety during this crazy year, have more acceptance for my autoimmune disease, confront my shadows & so much more.

Stop looking for the answers outside of you. You have the answers that you're looking for within. Tapping into your 5 different bodies will lead you to a life with more clarity, confidence, & inner knowing.

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    Vivian Võ

    500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher

    & Doctor

    Who am I?

    Hello, I’m Vivian. I’m passionate about using Eastern mindfulness practices to help you live joyfully in a Western modern society.

    Read more about my personal journey.

    What will you learn?

    • About the 5 Koshas (yes, one of them IS your physical body, another one is your aura, we'll be doing a deep dive)
    • How to increase your body awareness
    • How to tap into your emotions & feelings
    • Elevate your personal at-home practice
    • How to uncover your blindspots & triggers
    • Breath-work, Yoga Asana (movement), & Meditation